All students in the guitar class must have an acoustic guitar at least 38 inches, 5 picks and a guitar tuner.

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The Music Program utilizes the Suzuki Method of teaching. Basically, this means, that with adequate practice, all students are taught in a way that they will be able to perform within a few months. We cannot underscore the need to practice, practice and practice.  If you feel that your son is not ready to practice on a regular and consistent basis, we suggest that he attends another elective in the Shaarei Arazim After School Program.

Any student that has been at least 3 semesters in our music program will be entitled to perform at our end of the year grand performance. Last year’s performance had an audience of over 700 people.

All students in the guitar class must have an acoustic guitar at least 38 inches, 5 picks and a guitar tuner.

Guitar class on a beginner level (1st semester): Students will learn a little bit of lead guitar and all the basic chords necessary to play along with all their favorite songs.

Guitar class on an intermediate level (2nd semester): Students will learn some advanced chords and lead techniques. They will learn to read sheet music and a little bit of music theory.

Guitar class on an advanced level (3rd semester): Ensemble performance skills are introduced with the idea of making music together in addition to being able to play solo.

Guitar class  on a performance  level (4th semester & up): Students will now be joining a performance class where ensemble performance skills are practiced and honed together as an orchestra. A strong emphasis will be placed on proper timing while playing alone and with other musicians as this is an imperative skill to master for their Grand Performance at the end of the year.

Looking to buy an instrument? Why not borrow first?

Guitars is a classical instrument that every frum person starts and stops and has one sitting at the top of their closet somewhere. But, If you still insist on buying your own guitar, a full size 38” acoustic guitar is relatively inexpensive. DB electronics from Lakewood will deliver for free, their number is 732-901-1280.

I don't have the words to convey my boundless gratitude for this beautiful program you provided for my son.  This was not only the highlight of the week but literally his lifeline.   I want you to know this is not an extra curricular program.  This is truly a life altering life saving program.  Additionally, you delivered it in a most professional manner and on such a high standard. I wish much Hatzlocha and Nachas.  I will forever be grateful for this vital program you provided so generously and with such affordable prices.  Thank you so much for your service and consideration.

We really enjoyed the performance, thank you!

Mrs. Halpert

The performance was amazing! Thank you for such a wonderful program! It's so nice to see the talent the boys can develop!

Mrs. Klein

Thank you so much for this wonderful program. My son gained so much from being able to be on a stage performing. He is able to play so nicely on his keyboard at home and enjoys teaching his brothers and sister his new skills.

Elkie Leiter
The performance last night was amazing. Just wanted to say THANK YOU! My son and grandson were in the performance and they were amazing. Thank you again. Hatzlocha!
Mrs. Chaya Sarah Fried

My son is taking the wilderness survival course and LOVING it!! Thank u so much!

Devorah Martin 
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