Welcome to the Shaarei Arazim After School Program for boys!

The classes are geared for motivated 8 to 14* year old boys, beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, and where applicable, performance levels as well. Please note that each class level is generally associated with the number of semesters that your child has attended. If your child has not mastered the specific skills associated with his previous class level, the instructor may suggest that he retake that class. For all students who are new to our After School Program, but are NOT beginners to that particular elective, please pay attention to the brief summary attached to each elective to know what level class your child should attend.

*Starting November 10, there will be a Motzei Shabbos Program offered for the boys ages 12 & up.


Got Questions?

Can my child join the program if the semester has already started? Will I be charged full price?

He can join the program if there’s a slot available. Contact the office for a coupon code to deduct the unattended classes.

Does my son get a make-up class if he missed one by a personal reason?

No, the make-up classes take place only if were cancelled by Shaarei Arazim (weather conditions, etc.)

Do I get refund if my son changed his mind?

The refund can be issued only after the first class. Later than that you can try switching to a different elective. Check availability with the office.

Do I get a discount if my child attends the program more than one time a week?

The discount is applicable only for the same elective. For instance, it may be Gymnastics twice a week, and not Arts and Drums once a week each.

Can I pay in parts?

The payment must be submitted in full, but our payment system (PayPal) offers PayPal Credit allowing you to pay off within 6 months with 0% interest. You might need to set up your credit account with PayPal first.

Can I rent an instrument from you?

We don’t currently offer the instrument rentals, but advise to inquire at the Rockland Music Center, that offers the best pricing in the area.

(845) 624-5470
234 E Rte 59, Nanuet, NY 10954

Where are you located and where's the entrance?

201 ROUTE 306, MONSEY, NY 10952.
The After School Program entrance is at the back of the building.

Drop off:
At the top of the drive way turn right onto the parking lot. Drop off at the designated place.
Pick up:
At the back of the building. Pull up all the way to the orange cones. While waiting, please all use 4 yellow bus lanes. 3 cars per each lane.

Please Note: Pick up must be within 5 minutes of class dismissal. We understand that you are not a robot, and with your busy family schedules it may be difficult to always pick up on time, nonetheless a 15 minute late leeway is understood. Since we will never leave your child alone in the building, one of our staff members will need stay behind and wait with them until you come. Therefore starting after the 15 minute leeway, we will need to recompense the staff member at $10 per each 10 minutes late. Please understand that after 25 minutes late after class dismissal, you will be billed $10 per each 10 minutes late thereafter.

There is absolutely no parking anywhere on the driveway or grass. If you need to park, please only use white parking spots in the parking lot.

Do you provide transportation/carpool?

The After School Program has over a hundred students driving each hour to and from the program. If you would like to carpool with someone from your neighborhood, please submit your request here.

What is the hashgacha of the program?

The After School Program is under the direct guidance and supervision of Rabbi Zev Freundlich, the rosh yeshiva of Mesivta Shaarei Arazim. He and his handpicked staff are consistently walking the hallways, in and out of each classroom and parking lots to ensure all students are safe and secure both in ruchnius and gashmius. There is a strict no electronics rule, and any electronics found will be taken away immediately. The are two free phones in the hallway should your son need to contact you. If at anytime you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate for a moment to contact Rabbi Freundlich via the office.

Didn’t find the answer?

I don't have the words to convey my boundless gratitude for this beautiful program you provided for my son.  This was not only the highlight of the week but literally his lifeline.   I want you to know this is not an extra curricular program.  This is truly a life altering life saving program.  Additionally, you delivered it in a most professional manner and on such a high standard. I wish much Hatzlocha and Nachas.  I will forever be grateful for this vital program you provided so generously and with such affordable prices.  Thank you so much for your service and consideration.

We really enjoyed the performance, thank you!

Mrs. Halpert

The performance was amazing! Thank you for such a wonderful program! It's so nice to see the talent the boys can develop!

Mrs. Klein

Thank you so much for this wonderful program. My son gained so much from being able to be on a stage performing. He is able to play so nicely on his keyboard at home and enjoys teaching his brothers and sister his new skills.

Elkie Leiter
The performance last night was amazing. Just wanted to say THANK YOU! My son and grandson were in the performance and they were amazing. Thank you again. Hatzlocha!
Mrs. Chaya Sarah Fried

My son is taking the wilderness survival course and LOVING it!! Thank u so much!

Devorah Martin 
Phone: 845.228.8660
Fax: 914-940-6300
201 Route 306 (POB 523)
Monsey, NY 10952